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Our story of volunteering and civil society, which started in Bursa in 2013, continues unabated with our ever-growing volunteer audience. The Civil Life Association working as a platform where young people can improve themselves in dozens of different cities in Turkey, is a non-governmental organization that is frequently mentioned in national and international platforms. In addition to being a non-governmental organization, we are pleased to continue our work with the volunteers of our family with the warmth of a family.

The Civil Life Association, which was founded in 2013 by gathering young people from different national and international platforms in Bursa, is a youth association that is frequently mentioned in both national and international media. Our association has been advancing confidently, since the day it was founded, with its non-political structure, conducting scientific and evidence-based practices, always putting young people at the focal point and carrying out realistic targets. Besides to many projects and partnerships we conducted in international channels; our association is the only youth association in Turkey which owns the United Nations ECOSOC consultative status.

The Civil Life Association reveals all its activities under 6 main areas which are accepted below Youth Policies of the European Commission, European Youth Forum, Ministry of Youth and Sports. The main purpose of our association is; to convey the problems and needs of young people to decision-makers, to develop young people’s personality and leadership skills and to increase youth participation in decision-making mechanisms. All of the projects and trainings were produced to provide different experiences to volunteers through interactive applications by using non-formal education techniques and shows that entertainment and learning can coexist. In this context Civil Life Association has an active role in the field with its training modules, national programs and hundreds of youth work.

Along with operating our activities with thousands of volunteers in dozens of different cities in Turkey we have generated projects, programs, training modules and national events for young people to be more qualified, more active and ready for professional life.

Thataway, with the motto of achieving professional work with an amateur spirit, we invite young people of our country to volunteer as Civil Life Association together with thousands of volunteers, 19 national managers and our Academic Advisory Board.


As an institution managed entirely by young people and working to ensure that the young people of our country have the same potential with their peers at the international level; respectful to national and spiritual values, transparent, non-political, with evidence-based and practical methods to protect young people in the age range of 16-29 in our country to become more active, dynamic and qualified individuals to represent themselves more effectively in national and international channels and to prepare themselves more effectively for the future.


With reaching the position of the most competent civilian movement by representing the Turkey’s youth in the leading role at the international arena.