Core Training Program 3rd Generation Trainer Training

6 September 2018 – 15:37

Dear SIYAMDER Volunteer!

In our association, which grows, develops and reaches new volunteers day by day, the III. Generation Trainer Training for the Core Training Program will be held to train new members about “Civil Society”, “Youth Policies”, “Personal Development” and “Processes of CLA”. This training program is designed to provide a basic knowledge and capacity of young people who want to engage in volunteer activities in non-governmental organizations and also fo all young people who want to carry out volunteer activities in our association.

The Core Training Program consists of 4 different modules. It is a program that every young person who wants to volunteer in our association must complete successfully. In addition to this, it is a program that aims to convey the basic values of civil society to young people who are new in the field of civil society and why they need to do civil society work. In the Core Training Program, where peer education method is adopted, young people receive training from their peers and carry out workshops in different fields within the scope of the program.

Within the scope of the Core Training Program, our association has opened a call for a total of 8 young trainers to be selected to provide training to volunteers and volunteer candidates at CLA’s local committees. Trainers who have been selected for this trainer training and have completed their training will carry out peer-oriented trainings across Turkey in according to the demands of the local committees of CLA in the coming period.

If you are a CLA volunteer and want to become one of the Core Training Program Trainers, apply now!

Application Deadline: September 13, 2018, 11:59 PM
Training Date: September 21-24, 2018
Place of Training: ANKARA

This call is directed to all volunteers who have participated in the activities of SIYAMDER.
The requirements of the participants are as follows:

  • Having previously participated in CLA activities
  • Being in the 16-29 age range
  • To be actively involved in civil society activities for at least 1 year
  • Be eligible to spend an average of one week out of town to do local implementation of the Core Training Program
  • To submit the required documents completely

Following this trainer training, the volunteer trainers are expected to go to the designated city on the weekends to be proposed by the Core Training Program Coordinator. The Core Training Program, which will be implemented in local committees, will be carried out in a total of 4 modules and in one weekend for each training. The Motivation and continuity of our trainers bears a great importance, in consequence of all volunteer candidates who wish to volunteer in our association must take this training.

Red Module – Introduction to Civil Society

Civil Society in Historical Perspective, Development Process Civil Society in Turkey, Funds and Funding Process, Civil Society and Association Process, Government-Civil Society Relations, Basic Values in Civil Society, the European Association Process and Civil Society

Yellow Module – Youth Policy

Youth Policies, National Youth Policy, European Union and European Youth Policy, Structured Dialogue and Youth Programs, Sustainable Development Goals, Millennium Development Goals, EU Youth Strategy

Green Module – Personal Development

Non-Formal Education and Methodology, Volunteer Management, Leadership, Crisis and Time Management, Teamwork, Conflict and Reconciliation Management, Civil Communication

Blue Module – SIYAMDER’s Operation

Introduction of SIYAMDER, Operation, Objectives, Vision and Mission

Technical Details

  • Trainer training will be held in Ankara between 21.-24. September.

  • Accommodation and food expenses will be covered.

  • Trainer trainings will be provided by Core Training Program Trainers and at the end of the training, trainer certificate and SIYAMDER Trainer Kit will be given.

  • Quota is limited to 8 people.

Documents Required from Applicants

  • Filling the Application Form Online (ğitici)

  • CV

  • Motivation Letter (Maximum 1 page, explain why you want to be a Core Training Program Trainer and introduce yourself briefly.)

In addition to completing the online form, the documents must be sent to [email protected] until September 13, 2018 at 11.59 pm.